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The Finest Collection of Native American Art and Jewelry in NYC


Native American Jewelry & Carving Components
Native American Jewelry & Carving Images
Native American Jewelry & Carving Methods
Kachina by Pernell Laate
Bracelet by Ophelia Garcia
Bowl by Bob Lansing
An American Dollmaker by Lisa Fifield
Vases by Josh Simpson
Pipe by Robert Rosebear
Artist Rafael Aguilera Hernandez
Belt Buckle by Lyndon Tsosie Belt Buckles Bolo Tie by Ted Draper Bolo Ties
Bracelet by Ophelia Garcia Bracelets Earrings by Lyndon Tsosie Earrings
Necklace by Ted Draper Necklaces & Pendants Ring by Ted Draper Rings

Works by Tribe or Pueblo

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